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Monday, July 2, 2012

How Much Office Space Do I Need?

One of the first steps in the leasing process is to estimate how much office space your business requires.  An experienced tenant representation broker will seek to understand your business needs and want, asking these questions in your first encounter: 

-What do you do?
-How do you work?
-What space can be shared?  What space can be eliminated? 

An architect can help you decide the layout for your new space.  Most landlords provide professional space planning services at no cost to the tenant.

In general, most businesses need 250 square feet of office space per employee.  However, the amount and configuration of space varies widely from office to office.  Below are some common categories of space and their space requirements.  Use these standards when estimating how much office space your business needs.

How Much Office Space Do I Need?
Category Dimensions Total Sq Ft
Private Office, Very Large 20x15 300
Private Office, Large 15x15 225
Private Office, Medium 15x10 150
Private Office, Small 12x10 120
Workstation, Large 9x9 81
Workstation, Medium 8x6 42
Workstation, Small 6x6 36
Reception Area, Large 25x15 375
Reception Area, Small 20x15 300
Conference Room, Large (12-24 Seats) 25x15 375
Conference Room, Medium (8-14 Seats) 20x15 300
Conference Room, Small (4-6 Seats) 10x10 100
Kitchen, Large 20x15 300
Kitchen, Small 10x8 80
Copy Room 15x10 150
Telecom Room 10x8 80
Closet 7x4 28

Troy Golden is Vice President at SCGroup Real Estate. He received his undergraduate degree from Yale University and his MBA in Real Estate from the Wisconsin School of Business. Troy specializes in commercial office brokerage in Chicagoland. Please contact him at or (630) 474-9997.  Visit SCGroup Real Estate at


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