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Friday, August 3, 2012

How to Lease Office Space

In today's market, the abundance of options can overwhelm business owners leasing office space.  Follow the guide below to structure and simplify the lease process.  

1. Consult with a Office Tenant Representative Broker
A tenant representative brokers will guide you through the process below, contributing expert information and advice.  See the blog posts 4 Advantages to Using a Tenant Representation Broker and 3 Common Mistakes Made by Tenants.

2. Evaluate Your Office Space Needs
Evaluate your office space needs, today and in the years to come.  Determine about the ideal size and layout of your new office. Consider industry standards and the state of your business.  For example, an upscale law firm requires a different floor plan than a call center.  See the blog post, How Much Office Space Do I Need.

3. Determine Your Desired Office Building Location
Weigh the pros and cons of various submarkets.  Do you want to locate in an urban or suburban setting?  Close to a major expressway?  In an office park?  Consider the location of your clients and competitors, and the commute of your employees.

4. Determine Your Leasing Budget

5. Determine Your Parking Needs

6. Tour and Review Properties

7. Select Your Space

8. Sign Your Lease

Troy Golden is Vice President at SCGroup Real Estate. He received his undergraduate degree from Yale University and his MBA in Real Estate from the Wisconsin School of Business. Troy specializes in commercial office brokerage in Chicagoland. Please contact him at or (630) 474-9997.  Visit SCGroup Real Estate at


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